JUIN Tech GT-P 4-Pistion Hybrid Disk Brake-Set Post Mount - grey

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JUIN Tech GT-P SET, 4-piston hybrid disc brake for post mount

Color: GREY

The JUIN TECH GT 4-piston brake is a hybrid brake designed for use in road cycles, gravel bikes and cyclocross. The brake is used where the use of STI (shift / brake levers) or short pull levers (e.g. cantilever / C-brake) is desired or required.

Like the R1, the JUIN Tech GT-P is a hydraulic disc brake operated by the brake cable. However, four brake pistons are used in the GT-P. As a result, the brake force is increased again compared to the R1. At the same time, it was possible to reduce the weight of the brake caliper compared to the R1.

An increased number of pistons and a larger brake pad area mean more braking power. Another advantage of the JUIN GT-P is its slimmer design and lower weight compared to its older siblings R1 and F1.

The surface still consists of the same high-quality anodized layer of the well-known JUIN brakes. To further improve the GT-P, the piston coating and the adjusting screw of the X1 have been adopted.

If you are looking for a hydraulic hybrid disc brake that can be operated by the brake cable, you have come to the right place with the GT-P.

Scope of delivery JUIN Tech GT-P:

2 x brake calipers (hydraulic).

2 x post mount adapters

4 x post mount screws

4 x Post mount saddle bolts

2 x replacement brake pads

Recommended for: road bike, cylocross, gravel bike